About This Blog & Contents

Welcome! This is my popular science blog on paleobiology. That means that the articles are principally directed to non-professional paleontologists and naturalists. If you love science and nature, this might be for you! 🙂

Most of the content of the blog will be strictly related to my own scientific research. Other posts will just have to do with my field of science popularizing other researchers’ studies and the paleobiology as such. Here, you can find various articles on the paleoecology and physiology of extinct animals, including the most recent discoveries and concepts in paleobiology. In spite of the increasing importance of some nowadays quite dynamic branches of paleobiology, as the study of coprolites (fossil feces), there’s rather few information about them on the web.

Because I would like the blog to be available to a wide range of readers, it’s multilingual. The articles will be published in Polish, Spanish, and English. You can choose a language in the navigation bar on the right.

How to cite this blog. The posts of my blog are popular science texts rather than strictly scientific articles. However, if you wish to cite my blog in your paper or on your website, please link to the html versions of the articles. When I detect e.g. a linguistic error, I edit the post and the url of the pdf file changes. The url of the html version is stable.

The doi numbers refer to pdf files additionally placed on Research Gate.


6. [en] The feeding habits of mesosaurs [pdf]
5. [en] Coprolite Evidence on the Permian–Triassic Extinction Event [pdf]
4. [en] Notes on fossil parasites in coprolites and gut contents [pdf]

3. [en] The origin of mammalian endothermy [pdf] [doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.35081.44641]
2. [en] The marine predators, the marine monsters [pdf]
[en] Giant dicynodont from the Triassic of Poland [pdf]

6. [es] Hábitos alimenticios de los mesosaurios [pdf]
5. [es] Coprolitos revelan detalles acerca de la extinción masiva del Pérmico-Triásico [pdf]
4. [es] Fósiles de parásitos en coprolitos y contenidos estomacales [pdf]
[es] El origen de la endotermia en los mamíferos [pdf]
[es] Los depredadores marinos, los monstruos marinos [pdf]
1. [es] Dicinodonte gigante del Triásico de Polonia [pdf]

6. [pl] Zwyczaje żywieniowe mezozaurów [pdf]
5. [pl] Koprolitowy zapis wymierania permskiego [pdf]
[pl] Skamieniałości pasożytów w koprolitach i treściach żołądkowych [pdf]
3. [pl] Pochodzenie ssaczej stałocieplności [pdf]
[pl] Morskie drapieżniki, morskie potwory [pdf]

1. [pl] Gigantyczny dicynodont z triasu Śląska [pdf]

6. [pt] Os hábitos alimentares dos Mesossauros [pdf]


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